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Imaje 9410 inkjet printer how to change the ink and solvent model?

We click on the password in the main interface:

Then enter the advanced password, each day the advanced password is different, after the input is complete, and then return to the main interface.

Then we click Tool:

Then, click Service:

Then click MI Engineer:

Then, click Factory Settings:

Our current model is MB175 ink:

If we want to change the solvent we have to change the ink, because the ink and solvent are one-to-one correspondence, MB175 corresponds to A188.

We now choose FB660:

FB660, its corresponding model is A661.

Then, after selecting it, we click NEXT:

Click yes:

Then we click the key in the middle:

Then,power off the machine and restart.

Then we click on one of the keys:

Then the models have now become the A661 and FB660:

The changed ink model and the solvent model correspond one-to-one, and it will automatically come out.