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IMAJE 9040 Inkjet Printer Replacement Print Head Solenoid Valve Precautions

If this solenoid valve on the spray head breaks down and needs to be replaced, this is the end of the solenoid valve:

This is the head of the solenoid valve:

Whether it is in the line solenoid valve, or print head solenoid valve, are the same, all solenoid valves can be used universally.

When we remove from below, we must first inject a little cleaning fluid, solenoid head and buttocks must first inject a little cleaning liquid, and then we first use a word screwdriver, from the back of the buttocks a little pry over a little bit:

Then, pry the front also a little bit:

Be sure to pry like this, if you pry only one end, this mouth is easy to break. If the new solenoid valve is better, but if it has been used for some time, this place is very fragile, that is, it has been corroded, easy to crack:

Its solenoid valve is plastic, if it cracks, it can no longer be used.

There is also the solenoid valve of these lines do not connect wrong, before replacing the solenoid valve, it is best to take a picture, that is to say, the original line is how to connect, how to connect when replacing:

The solenoid valves on the pipeline are two wires:

The solenoid valve on the spray head has three wires, three lines are colored, before removing it is recommended to take a picture, if you connect the wire wrong, it may not work, may also burn the valve:

There are two motors behind the machine and the wires must not be faulted because they can plug into each other:

There is also the front valve line, it is easy to connect the wrong:

If you plug in the wrong, the pipeline is open and useless, the valve line is inserted wrong, the principle of work will change.