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How to draw out of ink and clean machine for Willett 430 machine?

Remove the main filter

Then short it with a pipe

Open this bottle

Find an empty bottle and pull out this section

Insert the tube into the bottle

In the system, find out whether the nozzle pipe is clean or quickly start the code printer, click and confirm

Start ink-jet here

Drain the ink and connect the pipe

Add some detergent into the screw of the mixing cylinder, add 500ml, and it can be pulled out

Screw in the screws

Execute the cleaning nozzle throat option and click OK (to determine whether it is in the "On" state)

Use the waste liquid bucket to catch it, circulate it for about 20 minutes, and then discharge it. After that, add cleaning liquid, recycle it, and wash it twice

After washing, turn off the cleaning nozzle throat option

After closing, open the waste liquid bottle in the same way as before, pull out the tube, and then insert the tube into the bottle

Then turn on the option of cleaning nozzle throat

Start discharging ink and discharge the waste liquid; After discharging the waste liquid, turn off the option of cleaning the nozzle throat

Install the buffer and tighten it

Take off the short pipe of the main filter, take out a new main filter and replace it. The direction is to the right and tighten it

Remove the screw of the mixing cylinder, add 500mi ink into it, and then install the screw

Turn on the cleaning nozzle throat option again, and the ink fills the main filter and buffer

After running for about 5 minutes, the throat of the cleaning nozzle can be closed

Return to the main interface and wash the nozzle here

After completion, start the machine normally. After the machine is started, the cleaning is completed even if there is no problem or warning