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Good News!!! Cheap fiber laser marking printer comes to market

Good News!!! The optical fiber laser marking printer comes to market

As the rapid development today, in order to improve work efficiency, more and more manufacturers tend to replace the Inkjet machines with laser machines. As a result, large kinds of laser printer begins to enter the market. Today, the fiber laser printing machine will be in discussion. 

Why we choose the fiber laser machine , several advantages will be followed:
1. the equipment is small in size, easy to install, no maintenance, less power consumption. Unique integrated fully integrated design, optical, electronic, and mechanical devices are highly integrated.

2. the high-speed galvanometer laser marking header, marking speed, with a high quality beam, long service life, installation characteristics of flexible and convenient maintenance and so on.

3. special laser printing software, simple operation, no poison, no pollution, high stability, low failure rate, which can meet the needs of more than most of the various types of production line.

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