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Do you know how to do the first ink supply operation on the Domino white ink machine?

After the machine received, the lines have been cleaned, let's see what the first ink supply to do,

Then first we're going to pour 1.2L of ink into this ink tank and pour it in through this position:

Then inject a litre of solvent into it:

After the ink solvent injection is complete, then we press this button to power on, press 2 to 3 seconds to power on:

When you turn it on, the screen will light up, about a minute or so, and then the screen will show up, and when the screen is displayed, we'll press the wrench:

Then we select the wrench key:

Then select Diagnostics:

Then select Bleed Filter:

Then we press the confirmation key:

It is exhausting and the process lasts about 5 minutes:

After the filter exhausts, then we select Bleed Head, which takes about five or six minutes to complete:

When the print head exhaust is complete, we turn it off:

After turning it off, then we open the ink line to try, we can press this key for 3 seconds to open the ink line:

We can also press to this interface and select this to power on:

There is a skip cleaning or do not skip cleaning, you want to start fast then skip cleaning, want to turn on slow then do not skip cleaning.

Let's skip cleaning, power on:

Because if the first ink supply, easy to gas does not empty and then lead to recycling failure, we will talk about how to deal with this recycling failure alone.

Now that the ink line has come out, we will hear a loud noise:

The menu then shows that the ink line is open:

At the beginning of the ink supply, we can let it run for about 10 minutes until this viscosity is shown:

After the viscosity is displayed, we turn it into a printable state.

The viscosity comes out, and the actual value is almost the same as the target value, which is good:

Since the ink line was turned on at first, we now change it to a printable state:

Then we press the power-on key:

Then this is the time when we can print.

This is the first time ink supply.

Then, after we've finished supplying the ink, we can put the nozzle on the stand:

Then the distance between the print head and the cable must be controlled at about one centimeter: