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Hello June,If you can choose a place to travel, you will choose?

  • Author:sandy
  • Source:SLUN GIFT
  • Release on:2015-07-09
   Hello June,the beautiful season!
   If you could choose a place to travel alone,which one will you choose?
  1. The Swiss - Green del ward; 

  2. Italy - Maner roller; 

3. Taiwan - Jiufeng; 

4. Germany- Bonn; 

5. Turkey - Istanbul; 

6. Austria - Hal Tuesday; 

7. Italy -Tuscany; 

8. France - Annecy; 

9. The UK - Castle Combe 

If you travel alone,here are something which is indispensable for you.
1.silicone tea infuse.It is cute and small enough.100% healthy silicone material,lovely modeling,it is a good Travel companion. 

2.Promotional creative cup.A beautiful cup not only nsure your health, but also make you happy. 

3.paracode bracelet.It does not occupy a space,and the bearing is high.It is also a DIY toy,and could relax you sometime.