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How to decorate your christmas day?

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-08

Christmas is a children's funny day, space can be used to create a unique fairy tale world. Cute Christmas tree laden with gifts of the heart-shaped puppet, space piled high with all kinds of cute Christmas deer modeling, dolls of various shapes and colors fill this space with the snow fairy tale.

Here we present a method about how to decorate Christmas

Gifts and toys are essential elements. Various shapes of gifts be hung on the Christmas tree, gift like the deer and other animals or Santa Claus doll be placed in every corner, pay attention to place them dynamic anthropomorphic, make these toys come alive and create a realistic environment.

1 Candle   

Red candles can render the atmosphere, small cute heart-shaped or wave pattern, creating a romantic cute scene, add life to your Christmas Eve and make it perfect.

2 Delicate plants pot

Plants pot  is the Festival of clean, natural plant vigor and vitality does not lose any artificial decorations, Christmas room appropriate place several greenery, very romantic.

3 Snow

Snow White Christmas ornament, sparkling white snowflake shaped lights add to the home of the Flash elements, whether it be hung indoors or outdoors, let people feel a strong Christmas.

Nowadays, people develop a artificial, fake snow, instant snow powder, which will expand immediately after you add water. You can decorate indoor or outdoor by it.


4 Heart-shaped lamp

heart-shaped decorations the lights randomly hang chandeliers at the table or on the Christmas tree, are well decorated, little light Pan warm light, makes the festival more warm.

5 Garland

Christmas Wreath legends banish bad luck symbol, with pine needles and pine cones make a green Garland, adorn a string of bright red fruit, matched with red and green, hang it on the door, bring the breath of spring.