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Magic foldable and portable cups for travel camping

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-07

According to statistics, every year more than 23 billion cups are thrown into the trash in America, causing serious damage to the environment. Modern portable personal tableware became popular to dine out. Today I present a foldable and reusable cups to you, a convenient and portable choose for outdoor.

This Cup can be folded and re-used, which is Eco-friendly to the environment. Before folding, the cup height of about 12.7 centimeters, can hold 340 ml of drink. When tapping the cup on the table, the body will be crimped into the cup lid, then the height of only 4.4 cm, very easy to carry. There is a a leak on the lid, if you want to open the lid, you only need to rotate 180 degrees. Tighten it, you need not worry beverages will leak. If you want to recover the cup, just pull it to stretch.

Cups is made of plastic and silicon resin. The material is suitable for different temperatures, so both cold and hot drinks are available. The color and size can be customized.

This product is jointly issued by three developers, one of the developers said:. "When we first have this idea, we are quite surprised that this is no such product on the market and we hope this foldable cups can reduce the use of disposable cups."

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