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A story about color change magic mug!

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-05

I believe that everyone must have a experience being burned by hot water when drinking. A  fast-food company even paid high compensation  to his consumer due to this case, although remind words was marked clearly on the cups.

Certainly, if the cup wall is not too thick, you can touched the temperature directly before you drink. The problem is, if thin, and non-insulated cup, the cup will be not convenient to carry.

Nicholas was brought up in his father's coffee shop, then he began to run his own coffee shop. He found that, there are two main reasons lead to customer’s burns. First, they underestimated the temperature of the coffee, the other is that they don’t place the cup lid cover well.

 Accidently,  a material sensitive with temperature take Nicholas's attention. It is brown at room temperature, with the temperature increases, it  will change into bright red. What’s amazing is, after the temperature decreases, it changes back to brown.

This discovery touched Nicholas well, he thought this can be a good solution to this problem. When the lid be completely sealed, the whole cup will be in one color, once the lid position is wrong, steam will run out from the break, the lid color here will change into another color.

People will know the temperature inside from the cup color, it is absolutely a great idea.

After many improvements, magic cups come into being which we used widely in our daily life.