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Do you know these tips of lanyard?

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-05

Nowadays, the lanyard become one of the most popular promotional items in our life. It is widely used in everywhere, such as offices, schools, hospitals or airports, rock concerts, NASCAR race , the Olympic Games and so on. Usually, it is as tickets for showing identity or permit.


Lanyard, neck strap, fashionable lanyard or promotional public  lanyard, various names, let us talk about it today.


There are a lot of styles for lanyard, but if you observe them carefully, you will find that there is a common between them. Every lanyard have a snap on it, do you know what exactly it is for? Here most people will say it is to take on/off our goods.

In fact, this snap is designed for safety. When the load exceeds 10kg, the buckle will loose automatically.

There was a period of time, many people liked to hang cell phone before their chest. When they encountered the robber grabbing the phone, the lanyard safety buckle will loose quickly to protect them from pulling. Maybe you lose a phone, but well prevent yourself from body injury and even more serious consequences.

Another reason is to protect workers next to the plant or machine from danger of rolling in.