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SLUN attend the cross-border e-commerce import and export business meeting

  • Author:Sandy
  • Source:SLUN GIFT
  • Release on:2015-07-04
    On June 29, suzhou industrial park, fully launched cross-border e-commerce import and export business, marked the suzhou industrial park comprehensive bonded zone trade function connotation is richer and more complete. Suzhou municipal committee, the committee secretary wang, the park committee deputy secretary and director of Yang know rating to attend the launching ceremony.
    Today in No.24 Xietang Road,Industrial Park,we  24 business circle in the zone is established to discuss cross-border electricity association. Everyone positive discuss the trend of the development in the future and the new trend of the business circle.
    We invited Mr Alibaba suzhou office bobo and association of cross-border electricity business personnel to discuss the future development of suzhou.
    On behalf of our company is Su Tang attended the meeting.
    Hope to be able to attempt to grow. Shine, go further!