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The reason why Referee use whistle in football games

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-01

Do you know the world's first football referee whistle sound is blow up by a policeman?

Before 1860s, there is no referee in the football games. Until 1863, football referee began to come out in British. but they are just some non-essential person running around outside the field, to keep the order of the game.

In 1875, an unexpected football game incidents happened in London, made  the referee began to use whistle in games. In this incidents, both players argued and beat each other for a ball. More seriously, the audience skipped the fence entering the venue to show solidarity to their favorite team. At a time, the order lost.

Coincidentally, the referee of the game, John, who was a police man, blow up his whistle to this uncontrollable chaos due to a police’s habit. This blow, make the audience think that they have violated the police, return to the auditorium quickly, finally, settle down the chaos.

This unexpected results, make people aware of the effect of whistle. From then on, it appeared in football games, and soon spread to other competition games.

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