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Tips! How to Make a Christmas Hat ?

  • Author:Terry
  • Release on:2015-06-28

Christmas cap (Santa 'shat) like Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, is one of the items of Christmas. It is a red hat, and it is said that evening
wear the sleeping in addition to have to sleep well and a little warm outside, the second day you will find inside the hat too much beloved gift.


1. Take a piece of red flannel cut out according to the size of the head below the fan type design.

2. The fan type both sides around the midpoint suture, add a circle on the edge of the below white plush cloth

3. Cut a round white plush cloth.

4. The edge of the thread baste again, tightening, made a pompon.

5.  Sew pompon on the cap on the tip of a Christmas hat is ready.