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Plush Toy material classification and production process

  • Author:Julia
  • Source:SLUN Gifts
  • Release on:2015-06-27
  So-called hair velvet toy that is by hair velvet fabric and the other prevent material for main fabric, internal fill as PP cotton of Floc fill real, material fill real, particles fill real, and made, market Shang has said hair velvet toy, soft toy, fill toy a fabric hair velvet toy of fabric main for hair velvet fabric, another appeared various hair velvet fabric, leather, towel cloth, velvet, cloth, Nepal spinning, shake grain velvet Lycra, various fabric are was introduced toy making in the by thickness can is divided into three class: thick type fabric (hair velvet class fabric), Thick fabrics (thin velvet fabric), thin fabric (fabric, silk fabric.
    Common type of medium and heavy fabrics, such as: short plush, composite fabric, and brushed, coral fleece, Kirin, velvet, Pearl velvet, velour, Terry cloth and so on.
   Two filler 1) wool filler, use common PP cotton, fluffy after mechanical processing or manual filling.                      2) material fill material, common Yu stereotypes cotton, stereotypes cotton thickness specifications more, can crop, foam is with polyurethane sent bubble process made of profile class fill material, appearance like sponge, loose more hole 
                  3) particles fill real, has plastic particles, as: polyethylene, polypropylene, sent bubble particles, except above two species outside, also useful plant leaves, petals after dry process Hou made of plant particles three ingredients 
                  1) eyes (and points plastic eye, Crystal eye, cartoon eye, activities eye,)
                  2) nose (and points plastic nasal, plant velvet nasal, Package nasal, dumb light nasal,)
                  3) Ribbon making process shape design------proofing---typesetting-------cut------sewing------binding eye nasal---fill sealing----binding styling-------finishing modified--------forming-----check needle-------packaging storage 
                 1) first design department or customer make to of model, make business die Xia material workshop business die, and Xia material 
                 2) Turner Shang machine sewing, task main is subject suture, Shang cloth standard , Sewing and annex 
                 3) installation of accessories such as nose-eye
                 4) cotton cotton stuffing-filled
                 5) hand-stitched cotton-filled, plastic, wait 
                 6) testing, and fell into the Lint Brush hair cut 
                 7) high pressure air pump blowing down 
                 8) playing tag 
                 9) packing shipping
          Please review below pictures for details for SLUN toys production procedure.