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PERLER BEADS——One of the children's educational toys

  • Auteur:Candy
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Relâchez le:2015-06-26

PERLER BEADS has been founded more than 25 years of history, it is not just the well-known US brand educational toys, but the pioneer international educational toys. Now PERLER BEADS has swept Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, more than 20 countries, as the children of essential educational jigsaw puzzle toy· PERLER BEADS no age limitations, but it has unlimited creative space, don’t need to stick bound template, free your imagination and creativity, any pattern you like your work can becomeyour artwork· Whether giving friends and relatives or your own reservations all will be a precious gift ·



Now we also supply the perler beads to all over the world. Our design and production of the toy has a strict regulatory requirements, in order to guarantee high-quality products. EVA material used in all food-grade plastic with security guarantees, EVA is also used to make straw, not even inadvertently cause harm to children if swallowed.