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sick wt9 2p130 sensor for inkjet printersick wt9 2p130 sensor for inkjet printersick wt9 2p130 sensor for inkjet printersick wt9 2p130 sensor for inkjet printer

sick wt9 2p130 sensor for inkjet printer

  • Suitable for: inkjet printer
  • Name: sick wt9 2p130

 Part #  /
 Part name  sick wt9 2p130
 Compatible with  For cartridges of handheld, TIJ printers

Q1: How to order spare parts?

A: Give us the model of spare parts or images.

Q2: All spare parts for printers you have?

A: We already do this sector for more than 10 years. For most parts, we can help you!

Q3: Are these spare parts compatible for our Inkjet printers?

A: Yes, don't worry, can be compatible for perfect printers.

We have already tested before selling at the market.

Q4: Can I try the sample?

A: Yes, of course, you can try the sample and take the test before the mass order.

Q5: Except spare parts on your website, do you have other spare parts?

A: Yes, of course, since every brand printer has more hundreds of spare parts, we all list all, so you can contact us and give us the list of spare parts you need and I CITO Consequently.

Q6: Except spare parts for printers, what other products do they provide?

A: Yes, we supply ink, makeup and printers and second-hand brand printers.

You can contact us for the inquiry now.

Q7: Except provide products What service Can you provide with us?

. TO: I f You need technical support and we can help you, let's already do this sector for more than 10 years.

Q8: How can we contact you?

TO: You can e-mail we ( , Wechat / WhatsApp / Tel.: + 86-181-6857-5767 or send us inquiry through Under.

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